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last updated: August 12, 2020 4:07 pm
ProviderExchange rateAmountDetails
Debenhams Personal Finance1.0983£500.00 gets you €549.15

0% Commission & £5 voucher off a £20 purchase in store
Special Rate for Besteuroexchangerate Customers
Collection: FREE from over 100 bureaus nationwide

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Post Office Money1.0811£500.00 gets you €540.55

Order euros and collect in just two hours
Home Delivery: FREE on orders over £500
Collection: FREE at Post Office branches

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Travelex1.0775£500.00 gets you €538.75

1,500 Travelex outlets located in airports
& locations in over 100 airports across 26 countries.
Home Delivery: Free on Orders over £600
Collection: Free at all Travelex Outlets

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M&S Bank1.0887£500.00 gets you €544.35More InfoBuy Now
Tesco Bank1.0883£500.00 gets you €544.15

Over 300 Tesco in-store travel money bureaux
Open seven days a week.
Home Delivery: FREE on orders over £500
Collection: FREE at any Tesco in-store bureaux

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 Best euro exchange rate for your euro travel money.  Compare euro exchange rates from the leading travel money providers. Buy online, choose for free home delivery and make your money stretch that bit further whilst abroad

1 GBP = 1.1060 EUR (0.0056%)

  • Sell 1.1057
  • Buy 1.1062
  • Low 1.1046
  • High 1.1133
  • Opening 1.1122

Last updated: August 12, 2020 5:07 pm

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  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 1 Year

Why compare exchange rates?

The euro exchange rate changes every day, and will also differ between currency exchange providers. By using our comparison table to buy before you fly, you could make some great savings and ensure you get the best deal on your holiday money. Our comparison table brings you the latest exchange rates for euro travel money from some of the UK’s leading currency exchange companies, including Tesco Travel Money, The Post Office, Debenhams Travel Money, TravelEx and many more.

Don’t get caught out at the airport

If you’re thinking about waiting until you get to the airport to buy your holiday money, you might like to think again. Airports offer a notoriously poor exchange rate at their counters to walk-up customers. In fact, exchanging £500 at the airport could make you up to 40 euros worse off than if you were to use an online currency exchange service. While the airport may be convenient, you could be losing out if you use this service.

Beware of the 0% commission promise

Be careful when being tempted by offers at the airport that promise 0% commission. All these offers mean is that you will not pay an additional fee on top of your currency exchange. However, the travel money company needs to make a profit and cover its overheads somehow, and they will simply give you a lower exchange rate instead.

Only use trusted and secure online travel money providers

At Best Euro Exchange Rate, we ensure that all travel money providers we use offer secure transactions and total peace of mind when purchasing your holiday money. There are many scam websites online today that will simply take your money and give you nothing in return. By using our simple-to-use comparison table, you can be sure that the company you use offers a secure website and is regulated by the relevant financial authorities.

Opt for free delivery or store pickup

The great thing about ordering your money online is the convenience. Most holiday money providers offer the option of free delivery or store pickup. This is perfect if you don’t have time to visit a currency exchange bureau in person or you would like to pick up your currency from a local store. When comparing euro travel money, take into account both the exchange rate and any fees added on top for delivery. Using our comparison table, it is easy to find travel currency exchange companies offering both a great exchange rate and free delivery or pickup.

Arrange currency exchange at the last minute

Whether you have booked a last minute trip or you have left it until the last moment to purchase your travel money, never fear! Many currency exchange companies offer fast delivery and can also make your currency available at the airport. For example, at the time of writing, TravelEx is offering a four-hour pick-up service. Simply order online and specify which airport you would like to collect from. You’ll get the same great online rate and the convenience of picking up your currency just before you depart.

Get the best deals as they happen

Exchange rates change second by second and can be affected by many different factors. Natural disasters, presidential elections and declarations of war can all have a big impact on rates going up or down. Best Euro Exchange Rate brings you the latest exchange rates on euros and gives you a simple, convenient and accurate way to track down the best deals. We check the latest rates with many different currency exchange bureaus, including dedicated travel money bureaus, banks and high street stores. Whether you are taking a short trip or an around-the-world voyage, we make it easier than ever to get the best deal on your travel money.

Prepaid cards, cash or traveller’s cheques – which is best?

Most currency exchange companies offer a range of ways to exchange your euros. While cash is still king when it comes to taking money abroad, traveller’s cheques and prepaid cards are still very popular. Prepaid cards are loaded with the currency of your choosing and can be used wherever ATM or debit cards can be used. Simply load up the card before you travel and you are good to go. If you lose a prepaid card or traveller’s cheque you can protect your cash by arranging cancellation immediately. Prepaid cards are also great for budgeting as you cannot spend more than what has been loaded on to the card.

Make your euros stretch further when abroad

It’s a great feeling when you get the best possible deal on your travel money. If you are going abroad, here are some ways you can make your money go a little further:

  • Use our convenient comparison table to find the best deals.
  • Take a mix of travel money payment types, such as small euro notes, prepaid cards and a debit or credit card.
  • Buy your currency before you travel – this will ensure you get the best rate possible and also avoid the pitfalls of buying at the airport.
  • When comparing exchange rates, make sure you look at fees as well as the exchange rate alone.

Be a smarter travel money shopper

Make sure you bookmark Best Euro Exchange Rate so that you can return to us whenever you need travel money. We bring you the best and latest deals on euros from a wealth of different currency exchange providers. The result is a great exchange rate, the convenience of free delivery or store pickup and the peace of mind of knowing that you avoided unnecessary fees and got the absolute best deal. Remember, we could help you to make big savings compared to buying your money at the airport and we bring you the latest deals from some of the best known and trusted foreign currency exchange companies.