• Competitive exchange rates
  • Safe and secure FCA-authorised transfers
  • Real-time exchange rates and same day transfer on selected currencies
  • Transfer money online 24/7
  • No hidden fees or charges – ever
  • Premier service for high-end currency transactions


About RationalFX


When you need to transfer euros and want a great rate, RationalFX offers bank-beating exchange rates across its service. Whether you need to send money to the United States, Spain, France or China, safe and secure FCA-authorised transfers will ensure your money gets to its destination quickly and securely. What’s more, there are no transfer fees to worry about and the company offers excellent customer service both over the phone and online.


The RationalFX rate changes every day and you can use the live rates checker on the RationalFX website to see the latest euro rates as they happen. Both business and personal customers are catered for and the company offers a range of services designed to make the money transfer process as easy and convenient as possible.


RationalFX is the perfect alternative to arranging a money transfer through your bank. Based in London’s financial district, the company is authorised by the FSA and regulated by HMRC.


Why Use RationalFX?


RationalFX allows customers to send money securely and quickly overseas using bank-beating exchange rates. There are many benefits to using their service, including:


Guaranteed Exchange Rate


When you use the RationalFX rate, you could save up to 10% compared to using a high street bank or bureau de change. There are no hidden fees and the rate you get is the rate you see when making your transaction online or over the phone.


No Hidden Costs or Commission

Unlike many of the high street banks, RationalFX does not charge you to transfer money or receive money. That means you can make your money stretch further. However, while there are no transfer fees, the company does charge a very small transaction fee. This is currently £4 for one-off transactions, but if you set up regular payments, this fee will no longer apply. There are no fees for amounts over £4K.


Same Day Payments


Need to get money to somebody in a hurry? RationalFX’s same day payment service gets your money where you need it when you need it.


Solutions For Business


In addition to personal payments, RationalFX also offers a range of money transfer services to businesses. Whether you need to arrange salaries to employees overseas or pay suppliers in another country, their business products allow you to buy your euros at the right time and lock in competitive rates for up to two years to reduce your risks and overheads.


Personal Payments


When you need to send money to friends or family, buy a home abroad or transfer money after emigrating, RationalFX will guarantee you a much better rate than your bank.


How to Arrange a Money Transfer


Arranging a money transfer with RationalFX is easy and can be arranged online or over the phone.


  • Select the origin and destination country
  • Select the currency you wish to pay with and how much you wish to transfer
  • Select the currency you would like to send to the recipient
  • Enter the details of the recipient including their name, account name, bank name, account number, bank address and SWIFT/BIC details
  • Review the details of your transfer carefully as mistakes can be difficult to rectify once the transfer process has started
  • Pay for the transfer using one of the payment methods mentioned above
  • Confirm the transfer


Why Are Exchange Rates Important in Money Transfer?


Whether you are sending money to a friend or purchasing a villa in St Tropez, you need to ensure that you get the best deal when exchanging your sterling to euros. This is where the exchange rate is so important. According to RationalFX, you could save hundreds of pounds when transferring over £10,000 compared to arranging the same transfer with your bank.


Plus, the RationalFX exchange rate guarantee helps your money to go further. You can also use the RationalFX Forward Contract service that allows you to lock in a favorable exchange rate so that you can plan future payments that are protected against market fluctuations.


Benefits of Using RationalFX


In addition to the features above, there are many great reasons why you might want to choose RationalFX for your money transfer needs.


Low Fees and Zero Commissions


As we mentioned above, you will need to pay £4 on single transactions, but if you set up a regular payment account this fee will be waived completely. There is also no commission to worry about. This means that you only need to focus on the exchange rate and the small transaction fee when placing your money transfer order.


Very Competitive Exchange Rates


RationalFX offers extremely competitive exchange rates to its customers when compared to the same currencies available from your bank or other bureaus de change outlets.


Manage Your Account Online or Over the Phone


RationalFX makes it extremely easy to open and manage your account. In fact, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Simply open an online account or request a quote. Once you are happy with your quote, you can pay for your currency online or over the phone with your personal account manager. Your money will be securely transferred to any bank account anywhere in the world. Remember, there are no transfer fees or commission, but there is a £4 charge for single transactions.


Safe and Secure Transactions


For your peace of mind, you should know that RationalFX is authorised for money transfers by the FSA. Also, all client funds are held in a segregated client account with Barclays Bank. You can choose to pay for your currency using your card or by bank transfer. You can also pay by iDeal or ELV for euro transfers. Once you have paid for your currency it will be sent immediately by SWIFT to any bank account in the world. Same day transfers are available.


RationalFX For Business Money Transfers


Running a business can be tough and you need to keep an eye on overheads. RationalFX offers a range of business money transfer products that make it easier and more affordable than ever to manage your business transfers and get money to where you need it. Here are some of the many benefits available:


Importing Goods and Services


If your business makes regular overseas money transfers, such as paying for imported goods, RationalFX could help you to get a great deal and the best returns. You’ll have your own account manager who will help you to devise a strategy that helps you to save money. They will also help you to protect your business from market fluctuations and other risks. You can also use their Forward Contract solution that helps you to lock in exchange rates and reduce your exposure.


Exporting Goods and Services


If you are invoicing for exports using foreign currency and then converting your revenue into your domestic currency, a slight fluctuation in exchange rates can affect your business greatly. RationalFX can help to protect your business by minimising risk no matter what countries you do business with. By using a Forward Contract you can protect your exchange rate and always know the value of invoices up to two years in advance.


International Payroll


When you are running a global business, paying international employees can become an administrative nightmare. Make life easier and ensure employees are paid on time and for the correct amount by using the RationalFX money transfer service. Their currency hedging strategies they offer can help to reduce staff exposure to market fluctuations while the regular payments service helps to ensure all salaries are paid on time.


What Products Do RationalFX Offer For Businesses?


Spot Contract


If you need to make a payment urgently overseas, a spot contract can help you to secure an exchange rate and make an international payment within two business days  – perfect if you need to pay a contractor or secure a deal overseas.


Forward Contract


RationalFX’s Forward Contract service allows you to fix an exchange rate for a specific date or dates in advance. This is perfect for the business that wants to minimise its currency risk.


Limit Order


You don’t have time to constantly monitor exchange rates. Let RationalFX know the exchange rate you wish to achieve and they wiill purchase funds automatically on your behalf when that rate is reached. This is great when you have no payment deadlines and simply want to get the best exchange rate.


Stop Loss Order


You can never tell what might happen with volatile exchange rates, but RationalFX’s Stop Loss Order feature allows you to prepare for the worst case scenario. When the market drops to a particular level, the Stop Loss Order service will protect you against the rate continuing to fall lower.


What Accounts Are Available With RationalFX?


RationalFX offers accounts for both personal and business customers and you can manage both types of account online or over the phone.


RationalFX Pros and Cons


Of course, it helps to see the pros and cons of using a service at-a-glance. At Best Money Saver we aren’t biased towards one service and will give you the lowdown on the benefits and disadvantages involved in using a company. Here are the pros of using RationalFX:


  • Daily market report
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • A number of transfer options
  • FSA and FCA approved
  • Authorised by the HMRC and Customs
  • Segregated accounts
  • Low fees on single transactions and no fees when you set up a regular transfer


There may also be downsides to using their service compared to using a high street bank or another similar service. These might include:


  • No ability to arrange cash pickups
  • While the transfer fees are low, there are still fees to pay


Other Services Offered By RationalFX


RationalFX offers other services to both personal and business customers, including:


Premier Service


For private high net worth customers, there is the Premier Service. Whether you are investing in fine art, procuring a private jet or purchasing a property in the South of France, their Premier Service will ensure the transaction goes smoothly. You will be assigned a Premier Account Manager to help oversee everything and to provide a concierge-style service and expert knowledge.


Business Transfers


When an important deal is on the line or you need to secure the services of a supplier, you can’t afford a money transfer not to go through. RationalFX ensures you get the best rate and that your money transfer is processed smoothly.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does RationalFX work?


Sending money is easy and fast with RationalFX. Simply open an account, pay for your currency and you are done.



Who Should Use RationalFX?


RationalFX offers its service to both business and personal customers.


How Long Does a Transfer Take?


Once a transfer has been paid for and confirmed, most currency transfers take 1-2 days to clear.


Is RationalFX Safe and Secure?


Yes, all transfers are sent securely and RationalFX is authorised by the FSA and FCA.


How Much Does It Cost To Use RationalFX?


Regular payments are free of charge and all transfers under £4,000 are subject to a £4 transaction fee. There are no transfer fees or commission fees to worry about.


Why Is There Such A Good RationalFX Rate?


Because RationalFX is an independent commercial foreign exchange provider, they are able to purchase currency in bulk from the market at wholesale rates. They can then pass their savings directly to you, the customer. Depending on how much you transfer, you might be able to save hundreds and even thousands of pounds on a single transaction compared to the rates offered at your bank.