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Read the latest guides on Travel Money. Learn about the best ways to save money on pound to euro exchange rates, how to buy online and get Free Home Delivery. Do you need the buy back option or get a Travel Money Card?

How long can your Euros last if you visit Europe?

Below is a list of the top European countries including Spain, France and Italy and how far you can expect your Euros to take you in these various countries. It’s important to bear in mind that not all countries who accept the Euro have the same pricing methods and strategies for everything. For example, a…

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Why does Britain Use the Pound and not the Euro?

When the Euro was first launched in 1999, Tony Blair served as the British Prime Minster (he ran from 1997 to 2007). While it was not his decision alone not to use the Euro and instead keep the Great British Pound as the national currency, he did have a lot of influence in the decision.…

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When was the Euro introduced?

The Euro was officially introduced in 1999, but it had been a long time in the making before it finally came into fruition. It had been a goal of the European Union and its predecessors to launch the Euro since the 1960s, but due to tough negotiations and opposition from some member states, it took…

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How many countries use the Euro?

Out of the 28-member countries of the European Union, 19 of them use the Euro as their currency tender. The group of countries that use the Euro are known as the Eurozone or Euro area and consists of approximately 343 million people within these Euro-using countries. The Euro is also the second most-used currency worldwide,…

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Where to buy travel money

Where to buy travel money Due to changes in exchange rates and the differences you will find from one bureau de change to the next, buying your travel money online, before you leave, is your best bet. The rate you will get online is far more competitive, and you can be sure of getting the…

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