Travel Money Guides

Read the latest guides on Travel Money. Learn about the best ways to save money on pound to euro exchange rates, how to buy online and get Free Home Delivery. Do you need the buy back option or get a Travel Money Card?

Where to buy euros

Where to buy euros The euro is an incredibly popular currency that is used throughout Europe. If you are heading off to Europe on business or on holiday, then you’ll need to use the euro. So, one of the big questions you need to ask yourself is if you need to buy euros before you…

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What is a travel money card?

What is a travel money card? You’ve probably heard of a travel money card before when purchasing foreign currency, but many of us are still uncertain as to what they do, what they cost, and if they’re actually safe to use when we jet off on our holidays. In the past, travellers cheques or good…

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How much money do you need to travel?

How much money do you need to travel? When thinking about travelling, one of the most common questions is how much money you should take. There are various costs you’ll need to budget for when working this out. Accommodation costs The cost of accommodation varies drastically depending on the place. You’re also likely to find…

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Euro Exchange Rate

Euro Exchange Rate The summer holidays may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that holiday time has to be over. The weather in Southern Europe is still balmy, particularly if you’re heading to resorts in areas such as Malta, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. What’s more, now families with school-age children are back…

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Can you buy euros with a credit card?

Can you buy euros with a credit card? If you’re planning to head to Europe for business or pleasure in the next few months, you’d be wise to start thinking about your travel money now. With Brexit on the horizon, the pound is looking increasingly unstable. This means you’re going to get fewer euros for…

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