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Travel Money Explained

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, knowing that you got the best euro exchange rate possible on your travel money is great for putting a smile on your face and more cash in your purse or wallet. However, finding the best deal isn’t always as easy as it sounds. By trying to find a great offer you may unwittingly spend more on things like commission and delivery and miss out on the latest exchange rates.

At Best Euro Exchange Rates, our aim is to help you compare travel money both quickly and easily and show you at a glance what’s on offer from some of the UK’s leading currency exchange companies. We’ll also help you avoid common holiday money pitfalls, such as buying currency at the airport and paying delivery charges when you don’t need to.

Be a savvy holiday money shopper

We all love a great holiday deal, whether it’s saving on flights or landing a room upgrade. But did you know you can make big savings on your holiday money, too? Here are some ways you can not only make your travel money stretch further but avoid misleading offers and hidden costs:

0% commission isn’t always as it seems

0% commission deals may look appealing, but when it comes to comparing travel money, the exchange rate always wins. If you’re planning on grabbing a 0% commission deal at the airport, you could be taken for a ride before you even board your flight. Very often, airport bureaus will increase the base currency rate, also known as the interbank rate, and add hidden fees for exchanging currency. While you may not be paying commission on paper, when you add up the cost of the manipulated base currency rate and additional costs, you could be out of pocket. A good rule of thumb is to compare the base currency rate first and then compare other factors, such as 0% commission, free delivery and other incentives.

Look out for free delivery and store pickup

Don’t pay more fees than you have to. Most currency exchange companies offer free home delivery on holiday money orders above a certain amount and many high street companies also allow you to arrange store pickup.

Getting you a great buyback deal

If you have any currency burning a hole in your pocket when you get home, you can either choose to save this for your next trip or arrange a buyback deal with your currency provider. In addition to helping you to find the best exchange rates, we’ll also show you the best buyback deals so that you can exchange your money with confidence.

Compare travel money online for the best deal

Airports and other travel bureaus have fixed costs and high overheads, such as staff and premises. An online travel money comparison company doesn’t have such high costs and can instead invest in providing its customers with a powerful comparison engine that is able to present the best deals and exchange rates of the day as they happen.

Make your currency go further by comparing the latest travel money deals with Best Euro Exchange Rates. We’ll save you time, money and effort and give you peace of mind that you get the best deal.