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Travelex - Currency Exchange, Travel Money

When it comes to the Euro exchange rate and travel money in general, Travelex are one of the industry’s leading providers. Established in 1976, Travelex have been offering international money transfers, currency exchanges and issuing pre-paid travel cards to millions of tourists worldwide.

If you’re keen to learn more about Travelex and their Euro exchange, check out the guide below.

About Travelex

Travelex offers various travel money services for tourists all over the world; from Euro exchange rates, to travel money cards, to international money transfers; Travelex have the tools and services to make your life easier when it comes to travel money.

Features of Travelex

Travelex have many incredible features and benefits to boast about; see some of their main features below:

  • Over 50 currencies to choose from, including Euros, Danish Kroner, Hungarian Forint, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, plus many more!
  • Choose from three methods of delivery; home, office or collection from Travelex store
  • Use the Travelex Travel Money Card or Cash Passport to take your currency abroad
  • Benefit from 24/7 customer service
  • Use the Travelex app to reload your Money Card and track exchange rates
  • Send money overseas with Travelex Wire; the international money transfer service

Travelex Euro Exchange Rates


Ways to obtain your travel money from Travelex

As well as Travelex’s many great features when it comes to travel money, they also have various ways that you can obtain your money, to make life much easier for you.

Collect in-store

Travelex is the largest retail currency exchange and travel money specialist. They have over 1,500 bureau de change stores located in more than 100 airports and across 26 countries. In the UK alone, they have over 50 Travelex stores in airports and retail locations, making it incredibly easy and convenient for you to collect your travel money in store.

Office delivery

For London based travellers who are on a tight deadline when it comes to getting their travel money, you can opt for office delivery; Travelex will delivery your Euros or Dollars (plus many other currencies) to your London based office!

Home delivery

For another incredibly convenient method of obtaining your travel money, you can opt for home delivery when checking out your Euros online, for example. If you order before 3pm, you can get next day delivery straight to your front door.

Free home delivery on orders over £600.

Travelex Travel Money Services

Travelex are proud to boast various ways of taking your travel money abroad with you, including their Cash Passport Travel Money Card, as well as international money transfers.

Multi-currency Cash Passport

The Travelex Cash Passport can be loaded with 10 different currencies including Euros, New Zealand Dollars, Turkish Lira, UAE Dirham, Swiss Francs, plus more!

The Cash Passport works as a prepaid currency card that makes taking your travel money abroad much easier.

Fees & Charges

With the multi-currency Cash Passport, it is free to obtain the card, free to use in participating worldwide stores and ATMs and you can also receive a replacement card for free if yours is lost or stolen.


Unfortunately, there are a few limits imposed on the Travelex Multi-currency Cash Passport:

Maximum total balance at any one time £5,000
Maximum load and reload over 12 months £30,000
Minimum load and reload £100
Withdrawing cash from cash machines £500 per 24 hours
Spending money in shops, restaurants etc. £3,000 per 24 hours
Maximum number of Additional Cards 1
Online reload limits (across all currencies on the card)
Within 7 days £4,000
Within 60 days £6,000


Single currency Cash Passport

The single currency Cash Passport works in a very similar way as the Multi-currency card, but you can only have one currency loaded on to it at any time.

Fees & Charges

Again, the load/reload fee is free, as is cash withdrawals from an ATM and a replacement card.


With the single currency Cash Passport from Travelex, there are different fees and limitations, depending on which currency you opt for. See the table below for fees on Euros, for example.

Maximum amount you can withdraw from ATMs in 24 hours €700
Maximum amount that you can spend at shops and restaurants) in 24 hours €4,000
Minimum amount you can load on your Card €50
Maximum load and maximum balance allowed on your Card at any one time €7,500
Maximum load over 12 months €25,000

Travelex Money Card

The Travelex Money Card is a safer and more convenient way of carrying your travel money when abroad. It takes away the hassle and worry of carrying lots of cash with you, which could easily get stolen or lost. The Travelex Money Card is a prepaid currency card that offers many features and benefits.

Features and benefits

  • Free Wi-Fi access worldwide
  • You can lock in exchange rates when you deem them to be the best value for you
  • 24/7 assistance – if your card becomes stolen or lost, Travelex will replace it as soon as possible and provide you with emergency cash
  • The Travelex Money Card can be used across millions of shops, ATMs and restaurants worldwide
  • Free access to cash – there is no ATM fees or charges
  • Platinum benefits – the Travelex platinum card offers numerous extra benefits such as discounts and offers on local tours
  • The Travelex Money Card app allows you to check your balance and top up your money card on the go
  • Safe & secure – you don’t have to worry about carrying cash and loose change with you on holiday

How it works

  • Get Your Card – you can order your Travelex Money Card online, over the phone, or in-store for store collection or home delivery.
  • Activate your card – if you’ve received your card through home delivery, you’ll have to activate it yourself by calling Travelex card services. However, if you choose store collection, your card will have already been activated and you’ll receive your PIN straight away.
  • Register – ensure you register your Travel Money Card online and on the app so you can manage your account, check your balance and reload your card with travel money as and when you need to.
  • Spend – once your card is fully set up and activated, you can enjoy spending with it in millions of locations worldwide.
  • Top Up – it’s incredibly easy to top up your Money Card, online, over the phone or via the Travelex Money Card app.

What you need to know – exchange rates and currency jargon

When it comes to exchange rates and buying and selling different currencies, it can be confusing to know what everything means. This list below explains all the useful exchange rate and currency jargon you should know about.

Buy rate

The buy rate is the rate at which travel money providers (such as Travelex) will buy your foreign currency (such as Euros) back from you.

Sell rate

The sell rate is the exchange rate Travelex can offer you when you change your Great British Pounds into Euros, for example.

Spot rate

This is also commonly referred to as the ‘bank to bank’ rate and is what banks and large financial companies use to buy and sell currency from each other.

Cross rate

The cross rate is used by travel money providers such as Travelex to exchange currencies that’s not in the local currency of the place you’re exchanging the money. For example, Euros to US Dollars.

Conclusion – Travelex exchange rate and travel money

Travelex is one of the leading providers in travel money, pre-paid travel cards and international money transfers as they offer so many incredible features and benefits of using their products.

Whether you’re looking to exchange pounds into Euros in cash, or you want to obtain a pre-paid Travel Money Card, Travelex can offer you competitive exchange rates and excellent services.