Travelex- Currency Exchange, Travel Money

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Travelex - Currency Exchange, Travel Money

Travelex is a leading worldwide foreign exchange company. Starting as a small store in London in 1976, Travelex now operates across 30 different countries with a network of 1,100 ATMS and 1.4 million mobile and online transactions as of 2016. A trusted and reputable business, TravelEx is committed to providing stellar customer service and making the process of exchanging money as easy as possible for you.

You’ve booked your flight to an exotic destination, your suitcase is packed but you still haven’t exchanged your pounds for the local currency you’re going to need. There’s a lot of different options out there so it can seem confusing and a bit of a chore, but choosing Travelex guarantees to make currency exchange the easiest thing you’ll do all holiday. To make sure you get the best euro exchange rate or dollar exchange rate – or maybe both for that extra long trip around the world – Travelex Travel Money has got you covered.

Travelex has made it even easier by launching the new Travelex Money App. You can buy cash for your next trip via the app with just a couple of clicks. Make sure you download it on the App or Play stores before your next holiday. You can accomplish an errand that used to take the whole day in a manner of minutes from wherever you are.

By choosing Travelex Travel Money, as a valued customer, you get the benefit of:

• 0% commission on all foreign currency transactions.

• Very competitive rates on a wide range of currencies including the best euro exchange rate. Rates are checked daily against high street offers.

• Guaranteed price promise. If you find the currency exchange cheaper somewhere else, TravelEx will refund the difference.

• Three options for receiving your currency. You can get it delivered to your home if you order before 3 pm or pick it up from a wide network of stores including Heathrow and other airports. If you live in London, TravelEx can also deliver straight to your office. There’s no need to spend your lunch break queuing at the bank.

• Collect many currencies from stores in just four hours.

• Purchase currency online. You can select how much you require and whether you would prefer it in cash or a cash passport. You can spend time thinking about what you need, not figuring it out as you stand at a counter.

• Use a Travelex Cash Passport. This is a card you can use at any MasterCard point in millions of locations around the world. You can draw out British pounds, US dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Canadian dollars, South African rand, Turkish lira, Swiss franc and UAE dirham.

Choosing a market leading currency expert like Travelex takes the work out of converting your money and means you can focus on what matters – getting to the airport on time and enjoying a cocktail on the beach with the sun on your shoulders.